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Background as an artist

I'm from Kotka. I live and work in Imatra, but I still conceive myself as A native of Kotka. I mainly draw and paint. Sometimes I combine painting with wood-engraving.

How did you end up choosing your media?

It varies. Recently I have made works that have my own interpretations of works by other artists. I was devoted about this new way of doing when I attended a 5000m2 -exhibition-happening in Lappeenranta. In the theater building that has been demolition judgment, I painted the wall of the tobacco room as I interpreted Helene Schjerfbeck's painting Toipilas (Convalescent). Here in Haihatus I am doing a work where is my interpretation of Ingmar Bergman's film The Seventh Seal. My own works may have some comical features, but I have great respect for original works.

What do you find as the best and worst sides of being an artist?

The finest thing is to do something meaningful to yourself and then notice that someone else gets something out of it. The hardest thing as an artist is to wash your paint brushes and consent that you can not continue.

What kind of expectations did you have about Joutsa?

I came to Joutsa with open mind and I expected that Haihatus is an inspirational milieu. It seemed like that in photos.

What are the best sides / opportunities in having an art residency?

Place exchange is good every now and then. It calms down and gives new perspectives. And the residence has good working spaces.

What are your plans after Haihatus?

Continue my daily working in Imatra. I´m planning to make a solo exhibition.

How does Haihatus meet your expectations?

Haihatus has been a very inspirational milieu. It's nice to meet other artists and see their artworks. There are friendly people and cats in Haihatus.

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