Thursday 2/9/17 time 1:11 PM

Being an artist has not been easy for me, 
...but it is what brought me to Haihatus. 
My first media of interest was photography. This interest flourished and eventually evolved into a love for video. Video then turned into installation, and now my art practice has become a conglomerate of experimentation with different media, though my main practice is in video, photography, and installation.
Since my art was not conducive to the place I was living, I left. I donated everything I owned, burned my artwork, and flew to Finland. I needed somewhere to sort my art practice and have the freedom to create. Living at Haihatus for what will be five months has become a sort of therapy. It is a process slow in sorting, but it has been effective. 
In April I will move to Berlin, a place a bit more fast-paced. I thought Haihatus would just be a stepping stone, but it has become much more.

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