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Louisa Viljoen, Sara-Jeanne Bourget and Johan Bronkhorst in front of their joint environmental art work "Bypath"

1. Background

I am a 23 year old emerging creative, based in Cape Town, South Africa; currently specializing in sculpture and installation.

2. Choosing media

As most kids do, I absolutely loved drawing and painting (literally) at all times. I grew up in Cape Town and took "art" as a subject throughout school. During that time I was introduced to conceptual painting that I took very seriously and ended up in art-school. 

During my time at university I felt that the media (painting) wasnt challenging me enough and that the art felt dead or dying. I developed a need to challenge the process of creating as well as challenge the interaction between art and the viewers, buyers or collectors by making interactive art-pieces. I found that art should become integrated in an active manner through a "viewership". That is why sculpting satisfied my creative side. 

3. Best and worst of being an artist

The best thing about art as a career choice is the ultimate freedom it provides its thinkers. Whether it is curatorial, event- or studio-based, it provides a platform to inspire new means in any direction. Art could be anything and about anything. I love how it provides me a space to not only be understood, but to innovate.

I would say that the worst thing about being a creative is that there are many uninformed individuals that want to buy art (for decoration purposes), but wouldn't even give the media a chance to broaden their thoughts. As an emerging artist, I feel dissapointed in the manner in which galleries or collectors go about working with their chosen artists. The art-world became more occupied with money and value and less with concept and innovation. To explain myself, I feel that the aesthetics and the meaning of art are becoming more and more removed from one another. If it looks good, it sells. An artist is there to "create", not "produce" - a word I hear too often.

4. Expectations about Finland

Yes, this is my first time in Finland and I would say that Joutsa met more than my expectations. It is a great residency and working environment. Every artist there provides a different approach of the process of "making" and I found it inspiring to have met such great people. 

Joutsa itself is a small town surrounded by forest. The hiking, late-night fires, weekends away. (and roadtrip to Lapland!) provides the ideal space for someone that wants to take a step back from the world and put all their energy and focus into a month or more doing what they enjoy. I especially enjoyed "forgetting" about my own work or art-bubble for a week and doing a collaborative piece at the residency. It was one of the best unwinding art-moments I have had all year. 

5. Best things about residencies

Residencies provide an international collaborative working space for people working in so many different media. It also allows artists to both travel and create - which sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Residencies provide a rich cultural and practical learning experience. If you are able to travel, I don´t see why anyone wouldn´t.

6. Plans after Haihatus

I´m thinking of event-planning from a curational approach in the future. I would like to provide a platform for artists that meets their needs. Think of art as a social space instead of an opprtunity to make profit. My immediate plans, however, is to do my MFA and other post-grad in curational studies.

7. How does haihatus meet your expectations

As I mentioned before, Haihatus met more than my expectations. I was provided with a well-equipped studio, indoor and outdoor exhibiting space, a lot of nature and air, a spacious room and frindly, helpful people. I would even go so far as to call it a home for the time I was there. Even if you are more on the introverted side, you cannot help but make great frineds. I loved my time here and I would recommend it for anyone with a need for adventure!


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