Friday 6/24/16 time 7:14 PM - interview and photo by Terhi Dahlgren



Background as an artist:

I graduated the Australian National University, School of Art in 2013 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts with Honours. Then in 2014 I completed two artist residencies in Canberra which lead to my debut solo exhibition in Sydney last year. 

How did you end up choosing your media? Best/worst sides of it?

My artistic practice is conceptually driven. First I choose an idea and then the  appropriate media. The best side to working this way is the freedom to choose any media depending on what my concept is. However, in working this way I have potentially closed the door on “art for art’s sake”. 

What do you find as the best and worst sides of being an artist?

There is a great venn diagram floating around the internet. At the centre of the venn diagram is the word ART on the left it reads ABSOLUTELY NARCISSISM on the right it reads CRIPPLING SELF DOUBT. I feel these are the best and worst sides to being an artist. It’s a constant balance between self confidence and self doubt.

Is this your first time in Finland? What kind of expectations did you have about Finland/ Joutsa?

Yes it is my first time to Finland. I had heard the forests and lakes are beautiful and indeed they are however I didn't know much else. I spent a lot of time researching and interestingly enough this research became the concept for the work.

What are the best sides / opportunities in having an art residency? 

The best sides are you have a chance to make a new body of work in a completely different context. I think it is good as an artist to always be pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and asking fundamental questions . It’s also great way to build overseas connections and experiences. 

What are your plans after Haihatus?

I am entering the work I have made during this residency into a number of European based art competitions. I am also planning to show a sample of this new work in the group residency exhibition at Haihatus in  November.  I expect the ideas and environment of Finland will lead me in new directions. 

-How does Haihatus meet your expectations?

Haihatus has more than met my expectations! It's great to have a team of such supportive and creative people all in one place. I feel very lucky and honoured to have be offered such a great opportunity.


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