Monday 4/25/16 time 8:22 AM - interviewed by Hanna Peräkylä


Hila Amar, 29 years old, From Tel-Aviv, Israel/Palestine

I'm a jeweler artist. 

B.a in jewelry design, Shenkar college, Ramat-Gan. 

I love to sculpt in metal and use the goldsmith technique for making objects with small details. 

Lately I've started to draw portraits. 

It is  continuing from my final project in college that  I gave them different noses in different material. So I came to Haihatus to focus on drawing.  

When I start drawing, I'm automatically starting by drawing the nose first. It is the only organ who's come out from the face, and it says a lot about identity..

I recommend Haihatus for artists who need time and space. It is a peaceful and relaxing place to work with no instruction. The nature here is great, and I found the Finnish people very nice and kind. 

I found this residency online, and it was pretty much what I expected.  

After here I'm planning to keep on working hard :)


6/7/16 10:13 AM  tamar shahar

היי הילה:)
מקווה שאת נהנית ומפיקה את המיטב משהותך,
אני מתעניינת לעשות את הרזידנסי וקראתי את מה שכתבת,
האם את ממליצה על המקום?

אני מחפשת מקום להתרכז בו בציור,
אשמח לשמוע ממך קצת פרטים אם תוכלי:)

תודה ,
ןשהיה נעימה!

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