Wednesday 7/2/14 time 9:01 PM - Viktoria Ikonen

viktoriabear450.jpgviktoria400.jpgMy return to Haihatus is like summing up the result of the past year. It's interesting to explore, to compare how I changed for this year: residencies in Barcelona and Istanbul, exhibitions, colleagues, like-minded persons from all over the world... But it's important to notice that it couldn't happen  without Haihatus: because they were first who believed in me and I highly appreciate it. 

Also, it's important from my side, that discovering Finland: people, nature, culture, is an attempt to explore myself. I have got Finnish sound surname, my grandfather was born in Finland but left it in childhood. Then, during the soviet time, people tried to hid their roots and links with foreign countries (even if they weren't foreign for them) because it was dangerous for political reasons.

But I think it's important to know better your own roots. 

For residency time I choose one theme - landscapes and everything around: it's a research of how the natural and industrial characters are interconnected, how bionic and geometrical forms exist near by each other and in one place. The symbol of this idea is a home, Haihatus home: the superimposition of forms and times. 

In artistic way it`s my own research of new visual language for this reason I painted series 'Little things': studies about research of my identity like a painter and visual artist and experiments with composition and colors; also it's a sketchbook of my ideas for a future works.

Viktoria Ikonen, from Russia, St Petersburg, Haihatus resident June 2013 and June-July 2014

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