Monday 12/17/12 - Philippe

olymp450.jpgOf all the memories I have from this last summer, what I remember and hold most dear is the feeling of community we achieved at Haihatus. Whether it was alone running through the forest, or with an unexpected group of friends playing games late into the night, or singing songs around the camp fire, we were all there together. I especially enjoyed our little Finnish Olympics. Hanna and I brainstormed a few games, a lot of which, I was told, were traditional Finnish games--the boot throw in particular. Competition was fierce, but friendly, and everyone had a great time (especially us winners, hah!).

There is too much to write it all down, but it was always the people I loved the most. Thank you Merja, Raimo, Marita, Virpi, Hanna, Kati, Baris, Canberk, Anna, Hugo, Masha, Katca, Federico, Lin, Bryan, Ksenia, Emma, Amanda, Riikka, and countless others whose names are hard for me to remember, but whose impressions on me are lasting. I hope to return again someday to Haihatus to make new memories.

All the best,

Philippe Moore

(Philippe Moore from Denver,Colorado, U.S. was in Haihatus residence two months in summer 2012). 

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