There is still room even this summer for the quick ones.

Haihatus admits 1 - 6 full calendar month residencies. Residency fee is 550 euros/month/private room and 825 euros/double room/artist couple. Approved residents are invoiced a 100 euros deposit/month (150 euros/double room) as a booking fee and the rest fee in the preceding month of the arrival.

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Haihatus is known for it´s fluency and fast desicions, the comittee deals with the applications almost daily, so one gets the decision soon! 

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Haihatus artist residence program aims to collaboration and communication between arts and artists. Artists of all disciplines are welcome. 

There is lots of space to make art and colleagues to work and discuss with. Own space and time is also available.

Haihatus also offers possibilities artists to submit their own art forms in happenings and exhibitions. Residence artists´ joint exhibitions are held at least once a year.



The residency rooms are 17 – 23 m2 with one or two beds. Rooms are furnished and each of them includes a small kitchen with dishware. WC's and showers are located in the joint rooms. There are 10 - 60 m² spaces to work or practise, room for performing, exhibitions, dwelling, wi-fi, a sauna etc.

Artists have possibility and all possible support to make workshops or arrange happenings to present their art during the residency. They can also participate the joint AIR exhibitions twice a year in Haihatus exhibition house.

Two haihatuscats, Purhonen and Korhonen are freely purring all over the house, which might the allergic ones be good to be aware of.


Accomodation room, studio or practise space and the right to use common spaces (a bigger joint kitchen/ living room, tv-room, sauna etc.) costs 550 €/month.

Two persons coming together and sharing the same room cost 550€ + 275€/month. 

The payments are non-refundable in case of cancellation or residency interruption.

Travel, food and other living costs pay the artists themselves.



Haihatus is located in southern Finland, a rural community called Joutsa. The distance from Helsinki to Joutsa is 200 km and from the nearest city Jyväskylä 70 km. There are good daily express coach services and you´ll reach Joutsa by bus in 3 hours from Helsinki Airport.

There are supermarkets, shops, flea markets, restaurants cafes, a good library and a twice a week cinema in Joutsa.

Nature in Finland is beautiful and the seasonal change is very affective.  Haihatus is middle of forests to ramble and lakes to swim - or ski and ice skate in winter.


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